Water for Everyone Rain Water Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd Mr. Ayyappa M. Masagi holds a degree  in Mechanical Engineering.  He worked  for 23 years at Bangalore firm Larsen  & Tubro-Komatsu Ltd. (L&T),  occupying increasingly important  positions, until he abandoned this work  and returned to Gadag in northern  Karnataka.  In 1994, a year of drought  prompted him to begin experimenting  with water conservation techniques on  his own fields in his native village  Veerapura, Gadag                                     Read More...                          Ayyappa Masagi’s work through RWC and WLF were rightfully identified by many  organizations with the following awards and titles: 1. Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Application of Science and Technology in rural development  2. Ashoka – Fellow, Innovators for the public  3. Shrusthi Sanman – Doctor of Dry Borewells  4. Oxfam – Fellow                          Read  More...  Copyright © Rain Water Concepts. All rights reserved. Designed by Technical Concepts Contact - Mr. Ayyappa M. Masagi - 9448379497, E-mail : rainwatermasagi2000@yahoo.co.in Download - Port folio Enterpreneur